The Friday Five: Gavin Mitchell

Appearing regularly on our screens in such films and TV series as Breaking the Waves, You Instead, Monarch of the Glen and Still Game, actor Gavin Mitchell this month returns to the stage in The Infamous Brothers Davenport at Edinburgh's Lyceum Theatre.

We asked Gavin to tell us about some of his favourite film moments in just five questions...

What was the first film that had an effect on you?

My dad was a film projectionist so he took me to see big event movies; Dr No, Lawrence of Arabia. But my first film was Lady and The Tramp and I was taken out screaming! I was scared of the dark!

What's your local cinema?

The Grosvener Cinema in Ashton Lane and the GFT, Glasgow.

What was the last DVD you bought/film you downloaded?

I bought a copy of Das Cabinet of Dr Caligari, which seemed apt for the show I’m currently in, The Infamous Brothers Davenport. Caligari was played by Conrad Veidt who also played Major Strasse in Casablanca, the last show that I did, so it was a nice bridge between projects.

What's your favourite moment in a Scottish film?

I love the Fulton McKay speech from Local Hero when he holds up the grains of sand in his hand and tries to explain that some things have no price. Beautiful!

What's your favourite film?

Impossible! I love My Favourite Year, I’m a huge Peter O’Toole fan; sadly this is not available on DVD. I also love Wim Wenders’ Wings of Desire a beautiful postcard to Berlin before the fall of the wall. And Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, the ultimate buddy movie written by the genius that is William Goldman. I also have soft spot for the late, great, mad, bad and dangerous to know...Ken Russell.

The Infamous Brothers Davenport runs at Edinburgh's Lyceum Theatre from 19 January - 11 February, tickets can be booked via the website.